Bridging the Marketing Gap

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

Having the right Cyber Security solutions spanning hardware, software and services to make an impact in a crowded market is one thing, but is your business equipped with the tools to deliver your message to the marketplace? 


There has never been more interest in Cyber Security, which has led to new waves of productivity growth, innovation and an influx of cybersecurity organisations, meaning that companies in this space have never had to work harder to put their name on the map.

With Infosec Europe 2018 around the corner it is always interesting to see how many exhibitors from last year are back, and how many more have joined! Having worked at a leading independent VAR and MSSP over the last 20 years, I have seen the show evolve and expand and I expect this year will be no exception. Interest in the show has gained momentum as threats have evolved at a frenetic pace and companies of all sizes use the event as a shop window to decide what products and services to invest in to safeguard their organisations. The challenge facing those trying to cut through is, that with such a crowded landscape, many Cyber Security firms are finding it increasingly difficult to implement an effective marketing strategy that delivers their message to the right audience, driving conversion and sales.

Whilst Infosec Europe 2018 might be one piece of the puzzle and put your business on the map, this alone could leave you exposed, whereas a more rounded marketing strategy would, almost certainly, accelerate your rise to fame. For those coming in to the marketplace trying to establish the right levers to launch onto the scene, it may take time due to unfamiliarity and therefore be costly in the long run with time and money. This can also be compounded by pressure applied by venture capitalists, who will be looking for fast results and to gain a return on their investment.


Reach your goals fast with a team which has done the miles.

Whether you’re starting from square one and trying to decide what kind of marketing partner to choose, the options can be endless and complicated, so it’s important that you make the right choice. With the constantly advancing world of marketing technology, platforms and channels it’s essential to work with a team that can guide you through the steps of entering a new market and share their experience, expertise and knowledge to help your business attain your growth goals fast.

Benefits of Industry marketing consulting:

  • Multifaceted Cyber Industry knowledge and experience
  • Flexible contracts on demand
  • Established network to leverage benefits
  • Help to support and develop existing marketing function, providing accelerated results
  • Accelerated results with proven methodology specifically in the Cyber sector

When joining the Cyber Business Growth consulting team, it was their expertise and passion that inspired me to become part of the family and develop relationships with existing and new clients.


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by Jess Hayward, Senior Marketing Consultant, CBG