Consultative Approach to Lead Generation

Thursday, June 24th, 2021

Consultative Approach to Lead Generation
We all know that the business environment has changed massively in the last 18 months, but how are lead generation strategies evolving and adapting to meet the needs of this new landscape? Although lockdown is slowly easing, much of our work remains remote, so how can you effectively engage with potential targets from afar? With three steps…
Account Based Marketing
ABM takes a relationship-building approach to marketing activity, continuously gathering actionable insights from the prospects as you communicate anddeveloping a thorough understanding of the needs of potential customers and how your product or service can help them overcome their specific business challenges.
Customer-centric approach
With a customer-centric approach, which is our preferred methodology, the goal is to become experts with a comprehensive knowledge of the customer’s requirements and the solutions that will deliver significant and measurable benefits to their business.
A full qualification process should be followed to determine potential customers, qualify the prospects that are the best fit for your solution, identify decision-makers, and target them in a meaningful and engaging manner, cultivating a relationship, and building trust. This stage is also an exercise in disqualification – identifying your ideal target customers also means understanding which prospects are not going to be a good fit and weeding them out, so you don’t waste valuable time and resources on unqualified leads that don’t fit your ideal customer profile.
We adopted this unique methodology, borne out of our consultancy practice. It’s a different approach, but provides real-world insight and account intelligence, to help develop, promote, and adapt messaging to suit each prospect. Our consultants will embed seamlessly into your organisation and become an invaluable resource. They understand the right questions to ask prospects and are experienced in both generating meaningful conversations that identify pain points and specific challenges and positioning solutions so prospects can immediately see how they add real value and align with their overall strategic objectives.
We believe in educating target customers, sharing insight from our industry experts, creating loyalty, and focusing on long-term success. By fully understanding the customer’s business and their needs and nurturing relationships we can then quickly identify and follow up on future opportunities for growth, improving customer satisfaction and retention, and evolving into a trusted partner.
In short, we are different because of our customer-centric approach generating solutions, not just sales.
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