Cyber Security Posture Review

Wednesday, July 14th, 2021

Failing to identify and mitigate risks leaves companies extremely vulnerable to cyber-attacks. One data breach can cause an immeasurable amount of damage to your clients’ reputation, brand, and
customer confidence, as well as involve significant costs in terms of money and time, not only to remediate the threat, but also from employee downtime and lost productivity. Add to that the possibility of large fines from regulatory authorities for non-compliance and you can quickly see why managing an organisation’s cyber risk is so important.
But many companies don’t know where to start with such a complex task – how do you know where to implement additional security measures, if you’re not even sure where your vulnerabilities lie? The most obvious place for your clients to start is with a risk assessment that will identify the threats and risk factors to their business and prioritise remediation activities to ensure confidential and business critical data is secure and appropriate measures are in place to defend against cyber-attacks.
A Cyber Security Posture Review (CSPR) will start by assessing a company’s existing cyber security posture, identifying vulnerabilities and gaps, and then providing recommendations mapped to The National Cyber Security Centre’s 10 Steps to Cyber Security. The CSPR has many benefits and enables clients to:
  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements and international security standards
  • Align security to industry best practice
  • Mitigate specific risks to the business and reduce the threat of cyber-attacks
  • Implement appropriate security measures to secure vulnerabilities and process gaps
  • Ensure confidential information and business critical assets are secure
  • Educate users about cyber security awareness
  • Avoid potential disruption to the business and reputational damage
  • Allocate money and resource to the most critical areas
  • Understand the roadmap for future areas of review and improvement
As well as benchmarking their current cyber maturity, the recommendations from the final report will enable you, as a trusted partner, to map out and agree a strategic programme of longer-
term and on-going support to continuously improve their cyber protection.
However, it is not always possible to implement these types of services in-house, or within the clients’ time frame. As a specialist cyber security consultancy CBG provides a range of bespoke services to Partners to assist them in supporting their clients with additional expertise. Our range of Cyber Services has been carefully developed by our team to align with strategic business goals and enable our Partners’ success, providing skills when needed to fulfil demand or increase service portfolio diversification and reach.
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By Dom Wordsworth, CBG Solutions Director
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