Digital Forensics

Monday, September 20th, 2021

In our previous blog we looked at Incident Response and we’re now following that up with Digital Forensics – a service that goes hand in hand with IR and is predicted to expand significantly over the next few years due to advancements in forensic technology and software solutions and our rapidly growing reliance on digital data and devices.
Add in the complexity of the threat landscape and the huge growth in the volume and sophistication of cyber-attacks and it is clear to see why digital forensics is becoming an integral part of any comprehensive cyber security strategy. But what does this mean for the channel and how can partners capitalise on the increasing demand for this capability, particularly when it is highly specialised and can require a significant investment in expertise and technology?
Firstly, what exactly is digital forensics? The term relates to the recovery, identification and investigation of material found on any type of device that can store digital data, usually in relation to cyber crime. These devices can include anything from servers and networks to computers, mobile phones, IoT devices and removable media. The addition of a digital forensics capability is becoming increasingly important for any organisations, particularly when identifying and investigating instances of cyber crime such as malware and phishing, as well as internal policy violations.
Channel partners are perfectly positioned to be able to deliver solutions to protect clients against these types of threats, but they need to balance services delivered in-house with those via third parties. We know that many organisations in the channel are already delivering successful Incident Response solutions as part of an extensive range of cyber services, but crucially not all of them incorporate a Digital Forensics capability. It is these services requiring specialist resource that are often outsourced to dedicated, trusted third parties, and enable partners to deliver the solutions without compromising on their in-house core competencies.
Leveraging strategic partnerships to deliver digital forensic services builds out your portfolio of services without the need to invest in additional resources and technology. In addition, DF expertise gives insight into your clients’ cyber security posture and can present opportunities to provide additional solutions to facilitate continuous improvements and build long-term client relationships. If you currently don’t offer DFIR solutions a third party provider can offer a total packaged or bespoke DFIR service adding greater value for clients.
Even if your organisation already has the internal capability, outsourcing additional DF support helps to de-risk capacity, smoothing out peaks and troughs in demand. Partnering with a specialist provider might also enable you to offer 24/7 cover and using a trusted third party that seamlessly integrates in to your existing team, gives you that extra level of agility, so you can react quickly to meet new opportunities, particularly where the complexity and scale of a project might ordinarily be beyond the reach of your current capability.
One of the major benefits of working with a partner organisation is the flexibility to either increase or decrease levels of resource in line with the demands of the business. Augmenting the skill set of your existing team on a fractional or dedicated basis to either enhance your DF capability or extend your portfolio of cyber services presents significant cost savings when compared to employing permanent staff and investing in new technology and resources, making these highly specialised services into a financially viable option for many partner organisations.
As a channel only cyber consultancy, CBG’s goal is to enable our partners’ success in this growing market by bridging cyber services, business services, resource, and advisory gaps. Our range of packaged, bespoke, and retainer-based cyber services has been carefully developed by our team to align with strategic business goals, providing skills when needed to fulfil demand or increase service portfolio diversification and reach.
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