Cyber Business Growth arranges and hosts regular networking events to share insight, market information and discuss key industry topics and innovations.

Upcoming Events

CyberSwingers – Networking Event

When: 4th October, 2018 FIRST EVENT   Where: Swingers – The Crazy Golf Club, London EC3A 8AL

CyberSwingers Mini Golf networking series allows you the chance to speak with customers, colleagues and partners within the Cyber Security community, away from the confines of the office and in a more social atmosphere. The relaxed setting allows you the opportunity to share stories, exchange insights and to keep you at the forefront of technology innovation.

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Previous Events

Cyber Business Growth Networking and Innovation Series – Safety through Isolation in association with Menlo Security

When: 3pm - 10pm Thursday 24th November 2016  Where: Eight Members Club, Moorgate London

The inaugural Innovation Series event in the heart of London. Round table discussion with leading IT Security Peers from renowned UK organisations, centred on the latest security trends and a deep dive into Isolation as a means of eliminating malware from the web and email. Guest speakers Sean Remnant (Ignition Technology) and Nick Peaster (Menlo Security).

Cyber Business Growth Networking and Innovation Series – Securing a business without boundaries

When: Thursday 9th February 2017  Where: Eight Members Club, Moorgate London

Taking a look at some of the issues faced by today’s organisations as they look to secure their data in the cloud.  Additionally we’ll be discussing some of the innovative steps that can be used to provide employees with a completely flexible working environment whilst maintaining secure and seamless access to cloud –  a focus that Gartner claims is a top 3 ranking priority for CIO’s.  CBG will be joined by guest speakers Mick Ebsworth (Rivington Information Security) and Olivier Morel (Ilex International).

Ilex “IAM” Breakfast Briefing

When: 7am - 10am Thursday 1st December 2016  Where: Eight Members Club, Moorgate, London

Leading identity and access management solutions provider, Ilex International, would like to invite you to attend its breakfast briefing, examining evolving identity and access management. The session will explore the reasons why so many identity and access management strategies are failing.

Cyber Business Growth Networking & Innovation Series – “Putting the Intelligence into Threat Prevention” In association with RiskIQ

When: Thursday 20th April 2017  Where: Eight Members Club, Moorgate London

In today’s threat climate it’s impossible to know when you might become the target of a breach and where any such attack will occur within your organisation — however an advanced Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) strategy enables an organisation  to gather valuable insights based on the analysis of contextual and situational risks that can be tailored to the organization’s specific threat landscape, its industry and markets.   An organisation has higher chance of anticipating breaches before they occur and subsequently deflecting what might happen by proactively manoeuvring defence mechanisms into place, prior to and during the attack.

Leading the conversation, Cyber Business Growth advisor David Polton and RiskIQ leaders in digital threat management, providing the most comprehensive discovery, intelligence, and mitigation of threats associated with an organization’s digital presence.


Introducing Certes Networks

When: 4pm Onwards, 18th July, 2017  Where: Eight Club Moorgate, London

Cyber Business Growth will be introducing Certes Networks to our network of established channel Security partners.

Along with Cyber Business Growth, the Certes Networks EMEA leadership team will discuss how their ‘Zero Trust’ Security solutions protect data and applications in motion with a range of software defined security solutions using their patented layer 4 stealth encryption – Certes ZTWAN delivering unmatchable security.

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Networking & Innovation Series “Hidden in Plain Sight” In association with Deep Secure

When: 12th October, 2017 - 16:30pm Registration  Where: Eight Club, 1 Dysart Street, Moorgate, London EC2A 2BX

ln the networked economy and the smart cities of the future, the one thing you will not be able to avoid is sending and receiving information, which means exchanging content with others including those you do not trust. Unfortunately exchanging content can be dangerous: the data you receive might cause your system to malfunction, giving attackers control over your business systems or the data you send might contain more information than you wish to divulge, damaging your business by revealing intellectual property.

lntegration of digital technology is occurring in every industry, in every business, in every government and every institution. As organisations continue to be digitally transformed, by innovations in technology and automation, their online operations will become increasingly vulnerable to attack.

The aim of the event is to allow a forum of selected peers to talk openly about the challenges they encounter on a daily basis in order to protect their businesses from the ever increasing threats of the digital age and understand the demands faced by the Financial Services sector, as well as learn how two of the most respected individuals in Government computer security and Cyber Defence Operations at GCHQ have helped protect our national security.

Together with Deep Secure, the leader in Content Threat Management, CBG will highlight to our select audience, the importance of delivering total protection against unknown zero-day threats and further expand on the options available. The session will conclude with a discussion of what ‘good’ should look like and the ideal solutions to achieve this result.

Networking & Innovation Series “Securing Cloud First” An Exclusive Lunch in Association with Cyren

When: 16th November, 11:45 Registration - 14:30  Where: Searcy's, Gherkin, 30 St Mary Axe, London, EC3A 8E

The vast majority of IT decision makers are highly concerned about phishing, malware infiltration, spear phishing and ransomware, and for good reason: 75 percent of organisations report they have been the victim of these types of attacks and exploits during the last 12 months.
As organisations increasingly look to a cloud first strategy, many are rightly concerned about the potential for compromising security as they move their email into the cloud. Whether the platform of choice is Office 365, Exchange Online, G-Suite or some other cloud-based email service, IT needs to provide the assurance that they have the advanced security needed in todays sophisticated threat environment
The use of historical and real-time threat intelligence to reduce the potential for infection is an effective way to reduce the likelihood of an attack or infection. Cyren’s global cloud security platform processes more than 25 billion daily transactions and uses innovative zero-day protection technology to proactively block over 300 million threats each day
Join CBG and Cyren for lunch and learn why the world’s largest technology companies such as Dell, Google and Microsoft rely on Cyren for their security-as-a-service solutions. The session will highlight to our select audience, the importance of delivering advanced protection for your cloud first strategy and further expand on the options available. The session will conclude with a discussion of what best practice should look like and how to achieve this in a simple, cost effective way

IntSights and CBG Threat Intelligence Platform Roudtable

When: 25th April, 4pm onwards  Where: Eight Members Club, 1 Dysart St, London EC2A 2BX

The market for threat intelligence is growing over 3 times that of general IT security, at 85%, and is set to exceed $1.5 billion by the end of this year.
At Cyber Business Growth we would like to introduce you to an innovative vendor that addresses this exciting market, and allows you to deliver the service based solution directly to your clients with no upfront investment, or ?nancial risk.

IntSights provide a Tailored Threat Intelligence and Automated Remediation platform tuned to your client’s digital footprint, enabling them or you on their behalf to anticipate and mitigate threats targeting their organisation in real time.
The cloud-based platform is totally non intrusive, and operates in real time, monitoring the clear, deep and dark web for contextual information that is easy to understand and simple to action.
Please join CBG and IntSights at Eight Moorgate for a roundtable session that covers the Threat Intelligence marketplace, why customers are investing in Threat Intelligence, a demonstration of the platform solution, and more importantly the bene?ts to your business.

“Dont Detect, Isolate” an Exclusive Lunch in Association with Menlo Security

When: 12pm - 2pm Tuesday 17th July  Where: Goodman City, 11 Old Jewry, London EC2R 8DU

Menlo Security are delighted to invite you to lunch on 17th July between 12.00 and 14.00 to understand more about their award winning Isolation platform.

As well as enjoying some ?ne food you will get the chance to;

> Discuss the merits of preventing Malware using isolation rather than detection

> Special Guest Appearance – Explain why a Tier One Bank chose Isolation to protect the organisation from users clicking on Phishing links

> See the user experience for 100% secure browsing

> Explore if this technology could truly ‘lighten the load’ on the SOC

Combatting Phishing: Latest Developments and Best Practises

When: 26th September 9am-4pm  Where: Mercedes-Benz World, Brooklands Drive, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 0SL

Did you know that during a just-concluded study Osterman Research found that phishing is now the Number 1 security concern for IT managers in the UK and Ireland, surpassing ransomware?

Twenty-eight percent of organisations said they had suffered one or more successful phishing attacks during the past 12 months, and the majority of IT managers estimated that the amount of phishing email reaching their users in 2018 has increased nearly 30 percent.

Cyren’s expert team is hosting a morning seminar that will review the current threat landscape and explain how Cyren’s global security cloud is blocking 300 million email and web threats daily, protecting companies and their employees globally.

Join Cyren at Mercedes-Benz World and understand the latest developments and best practises in Phishing.

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