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Friday, September 17th, 2021

Incident Response Services – Opportunity vs Delivery; The common channel dilemma
In the cyber channel we are always talking about the constantly evolving threat landscape and what that means to organisations; how they are facing an unprecedented number of security incidents, and no matter how well prepared, no business is immune from a potential breach. These days most companies understand that a breach is more likely to be a when not if scenario, and so are looking at expanding out their perimeter security to include Incident Response and Digital Forensic (DFIR) capabilities; it is no wonder then that the channel is seeing the demand for these solutions grow exponentially.
So, the opportunity is there, but with a complex solution such as DFIR, how easy is it to convert the opportunity into business; quickly enough to capitalise on the demand, but with enough time to do due diligence to identify the right approach. There is an expectation on the channel to understand, advise and deliver innovative and new solutions, so we need to always be one step ahead of the curve; however, it is never that simple, especially with something as complex as Incident Response. As always in the channel, it is a fine balance of opportunity vs reality, and in this case, it comes down to three options:
1) Do it yourself – Several channel organisations are successfully delivering Incident Response solutions already. With a huge investment in people, systems, and technology the range and capabilities available in the UK today are already world-leading. However, the investment required in an in-house offering is not going to be appropriate for all channel partners, so a second option should then be considered.
2) Partnership – For those channel companies with no current expertise it is still possible to implement a comprehensive IR capability by outsourcing to a virtual team. By opting to collaborate with an experience, specialist IR service provider, you can easily:
• Meet the customer demand, quickly and with no investment
• Expand your solutions portfolio either in the short/medium-term whilst building out your own IR capabilities; or on a long-term basis to allow you to invest in your own core competencies.
3) Leave the money on the table – Let’s not even give this one too much airtime! Whether delivered by dedicated in-house experts, or via an outsourced IR solution, it’s clear that offering a service for responding to a cyber-attack is worth serious consideration, otherwise you are simply leaving business for competitors to snap up.
Our Service
As a channel only cyber consultancy specialist, CBG can provide interim or long-term DFIR support and solutions to enable you to immediately capitalise on this growing market. Our Virtual Security Incident Response Team (vSIRT) offers 24×7 retainer-based access to multiple specialist capabilities across the full range of Incident Response services. This flexible access gives our channel partners peace of mind knowing there is an expert on hand to immediately address any cyber security incidents that their clients may face.
A highly skilled and experienced IR team is at their disposal with SLA-based response times that ensures:
• 24/7 remote and/or on-site availability
• Improved response effectiveness
•  Lower costs per incident and expert response
• Continuous infrastructure process improvement
• Validation testing of IR plans and procedures
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