Lessons from Lockdown

Friday, May 28th, 2021

What was your biggest lesson over the past year?

Jamie – I think trust and assurance have become even more important aspects of the business and we have strived to only hire great people and work with great customers. Quality has definitely become our currency!

Kathryn – I have discovered remote working is not only possible, but also productive. Flexible working suits our company and our culture primarily because we have the right team, with the right attitude.

Jess – from a marketing perspective we want to ensure that our customers’ strategies strike the right mix of in person and digital content and use multiple channels to engage their audience. Obviously, we have always known this, but Covid had been a reminder that finding that perfect balance is key to optimising your reach!

How did the team adapt to lockdown?

Kat – Initially it wasn’t a huge transition for the team as we already worked from home a lot of the time and were used to collaborating via Zoom and Teams, but as time wore on though I think we definitely missed the buzz of being in an office environment and that face to face interaction. Surrounding yourself you with like-minded and positive people is also a great motivator!

Emma – As a team we have always been very supportive of each other – celebrating successes and pitching in to help out when it’s needed. That culture of support was vital, as we all had our moments struggling with the same issues that many other people faced during successive lockdowns – juggling work and home schooling, missing friends and family, and the general monotony of being stuck at home.  Although it’s a cliché we are without doubt a work family and knowing someone has your back and you have that unwavering support has been invaluable.

How will you take the lessons from lockdown into the future at CBG?

Jess – Although we will continue to predominantly work from home, I think we have also realised that an element of face to face contact is essential to share expertise and keep up-to-date. That personal interaction is so important for our mental health too –  we are a very sociable bunch and genuinely enjoy each other’s company!

Jamie – The world has often seemed like a village with a closer sense of community – geographical boundaries are now no longer so relevant and thinking about them in terms of business will only hold you back.

Kathryn – We are a people business, and our team is such a great asset. Our culture of passion, respect and trust has shone through and we have been able to demonstrate how truly agile our business has become. We will definitely continue to enable our team to work flexibly – there are such great benefits for work/life balance, so long as you know when to call it a day!

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