Market Development Services – Review >Plan>Implement
Assisting both Cyber vendors and channel partners navigate a clear path through the crowded, complicated and confusing security marketspace.
Market Development Services

The Cyber Security landscape is ever-evolving, and new technologies are launching daily to help combat the continual risk of cyber threats. This makes for a very crowded, complicated and confusing marketspace, so how can you stand out from the crowd and deliver success to the business?

Cyber Business Growth’s (CBG) Market Development services assist both Cyber vendors and channel partners to navigate the challenges of entering a new territory; launching a new product or solution; increasing brand awareness; and growing market-uptake.

Our goal is to arm businesses with the knowledge, understanding and support to make and execute the right decisions; remove guesswork and assumption, formulate realistic business goals; and expedite time to success.

REVIEW – Bench Test Your Go-To-Market Strategy

CBG PULSE – Technology and Market Assessments

Significantly reduce the guesswork and potential risks associated with launching or re-positioning a solution into a new territory or market sector.

A technical and business review of the specific solution is undertaken by cyber experts and trusted industry professionals, delivering real-world feedback and insightful recommendations to increase Go-To-Market success.

PLAN- Formulate impactful goals and direction

Based on the results of the REVIEW, realistic business goals and direction are created, and an improved GTM Strategy plan is built

IMPLEMENT – Cyber Augmentation Services

Scalable business function consultancy services to assist with the delivery of the GTM strategy, either as dedicated headcount or fractional resources. Specific leadership, sales, marketing, technical and operations expertise.

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Services Include
Providing your business with the knowledge and understanding to make the right decisions; whether that be choosing the right technology for your organisation, or where new technology fits in the market.
Pulse & Market Analysis
Market Development
Industry Research
New Tech - Innovation Insight
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