Navigating Infosec 2018

Monday, June 4th, 2018

I can’t help it, I am a cynic, especially Infosec due to its size and vast amounts of new and emerging technologies.

As a 20 year plus veteran in Cyber Security (I’m getting on) I can’t cut through the noise clearly, so what are the rules I try and set myself and my team to maximise this potential tyre kicker?

1) Agree a Strategy
There is no one strategy that fits everybody but make it real for you. Dom Wordsworth will want something different to Kat Palmer, so setting appropriate goals is key. Personally, as a business owner and all round good guy, it’s about getting a volume customer satisfaction survey through a one to one with stakeholders, as well as getting a barometer of the market for further investment in resource and time. A rare occasion for Cyber Glitterati to congregate!
More than likely you will have a long list of objectives but be realistic about what can be done over the course of the event and prioritise, so that you focus on the things that will help you achieve overall success.

2) Plan and Organise your days
It’s all in the planning. Don’t expect to wing your way through the week, whether you’re walking the floor, exhibiting or hosting in a watering hole. If you haven’t already…. research the companies attending, assess what they offer, make a list of those who you think are most relevant to your business objectives and approach them in advance – no rocket science here! What can be useful is to make a note of the stand numbers and map your route through the show, so as not to waste time doing laps of the venue. Whilst it is great to have lots of meetings in the diary, don’t over commit, because once one overruns your day plan falls like dominoes. This one is a classic.
Don’t forget evenings are as important. Make your choices. It’s not cool begging for wristbands outside the venue or settling for Pizza Hut with your clients!

3) Take your time, assign your tasks and enjoy it
If you keep to your planning, you can take your time and enjoy it. Consider taking a break, it can be overwhelming and a good opportunity to gather your thoughts and check progress against your objectives. Use this time to assign your tasks to ensure you remember conversations – not everyone has a Rainman memory.
You will be visiting many different stands, seminars and workshops, so making key notes about your discussions and any important details about the companies you meet will help you to remember the big take outs from the day.

In summary:
Hands up I have never got an order at any industry event on the day … there you go I said it… but I have built some great relationships which have lasted the test of time and created long term business.

I love it really!

Jamie Murphy
CEO, Cyber Business Growth Group

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