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Thursday, July 23rd, 2020

In the wake of the world according to Covid, businesses have clearly had to adapt to survive, and remote working is now the norm.  To be honest, it was our standard way of working anyway, but we did have the luxury of our office to gather, see the smiling faces of the team and collaborate in the same room. Who knows when that will be common place again, so for now RingCentral, MS Teams, Zoom and FaceTime it is. And that is ok. We are an agile consultancy business, so it works for us.

We have no idea how long this will continue, and a lot of opinion currently circulating in the media, and just speaking to friends and colleagues, is that working lives will forever change. Remote works, especially in our industry, and works sufficiently well that with lateral thinking, clever tech and flexibility, remote working will become the permanent norm. Less commuting, less pollution, less stress….sounds amazing! But the flip side to that, less collaboration; less progress; less learning? Not necessarily.

The clever tech companies and consultants will have a thing or two to say about that! Let’s just take one area that is essential for any organisation, but let’s face it, is way down the priority list at the moment. Training and awareness. We all know it is needed, for compliance, corporate security, employee progression and development, but what happens when you can’t sit in a classroom and learn, and the alternatives are just blah, blah, blah general training for a tick box? No thank you. We can do better than that.

AI training platforms that recognise how an individual learns and adapts their training accordingly; access to cloud-based cyber range and attack simulation scenarios; reporting for business leaders to be able to see the level of training and understanding, and manage the program for the individual, that is more like it! Add to that bespoke consultative delivered awareness for teams and board members, delivered personally and interactively, and most of the bases are covered. From a corporate cyber security and awareness program; to bespoke, niche C-level training requirement, through to highly technical SoC and DevOps team development. In my opinion that is how it will begin to work. That is how companies will continue to learn, grow and protect themselves, in this crazy, ever changing world.

Fortunately at CBG we have access to, and experience of, all of these options, and would be happy to go through them and make recommendations and referrals to any which would suit your business needs.

Onwards and upwards, you can’t stop us learning and growing Covid-19!

by Kathryn Miller, CBG Business Operations Director

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CBG is also in the process of beta testing to deliver an Apple mobile device assessment service based on this technology, we will keep you updated with further information in due course.

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