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Wednesday, June 9th, 2021

Top tips on getting the most out of strategic partnerships
Successful strategic partnerships can add serious value to your business, as well as to your customers. Through successful collaborations you can leverage existing business relationships to access new markets and channels, build out your network, supplement your own resources and services, and reach new customers; or you might want to leverage expertise to help you successfully navigate crowded marketplaces and complex business environments.
In a complicated and fast-paced industry such as cyber, where technological innovation is rapid and the threat landscape is constantly evolving, partnerships can make all the difference between staying ahead of the game and being left behind. But how do you decide who to partner with and which organisations are going to help you stand out from the crowd and deliver success? Here are our top three tips:
1. Partner with like-minded organisations
Creating an enduring and rewarding relationship is not as simple as just partnering with another
organisation in the same industry. You may well work in the same sector, but this doesn’t necessarily
mean that you will automatically be a good fit. Your businesses need to have shared values and goals
to make a success of it; however, these aren’t the only essential qualities!
2. Build the right working relationship and grow together
Trust, transparency, and effective communication are also vital in any strategic relationship, along
with the flexibility to adapt quickly to changing demands and market circumstances. Another key
factor is accountability, so setting clearly defined objectives and metrics mean it is easy to evaluate
the success of the partnership.
3. Supplement your network
If your organisation is launching a new solution or entering a new territory or market sector, look to partner with a company that has an established pool of industry contacts. Identifying and reaching out to target customers is great but getting access to the decision makers is what will make the real
difference to successfully expanding and scaling your business.
So, how do we do it at CBG?
Working with a channel partner such as CBG is a highly effective way to grow sales opportunities. Not only do you gain instant access to an extensive network of industry experts and contacts to help increase your brand awareness and market-uptake, but we will also deliver vital insight and real world feedback on your solution to help you achieve strategic goals, deliver tangible improvements and cost savings, and accelerate business growth.
By partnering with CBG you can expose your solution to a much wider audience or add intrinsic value for your customers by supplying supplementary services that enhance your existing offer. We can also provide access to additional resource for your business and for your customers, acting as an extension of your own team and seamlessly embedding into your organisation.
At CBG we develop a thorough understanding of our partner organisations and the types of
customers they work with. Using a consultative approach, we work with our partners to identify potential areas for improvement and deliver a bespoke solution aligned to their strategic objectives.
By focusing on the key priorities our goal is to nurture the relationship and add substantial value, so we maximise the long term benefits of any partnership for everyone involved.
By leveraging our wide-ranging industry expertise, CBG helps both cyber vendors and channel partners thrive in an often crowded and complicated security marketplace. Whatever your requirement, CBG will work with you to create a tailored solution to support you in solving the cyber
security and market development challenges facing your customers or your own organisation.
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