The landscape of Digital Marketing has changed, but we say for the better…

Thursday, April 15th, 2021

The last twelve months have created an evolution in digital marketing, as the possibility of doing business face-to-face disappeared almost overnight, and along with it the various marketing channels related to conferences, trade shows and other live events.

For many organisations the loss of traditional channels could have had a very serious impact on their bottom line, but adaptability and embracing change is key to survival in business and in many cases, money originally budgeted for live events has been reallocated to digital marketing solutions with impressive results.

We have seen clients successfully adapt events to online platforms such as webinars and we fully expect dynamic and engaging virtual events to remain an essential component of an organisation’s overall marketing strategy, even as live events gradually resume. Webinars are proving to be highly cost-effective and a more efficient use of time, as people find it easier to fit them in around the rest of the working day.

B2B companies often rely on conferences and exhibitions to network with potential new customers and build on existing relationships, but as these options have disappeared, there has been a proliferation in the use of social media channels as an alternative means of communication. People are using social media more than ever before, but it’s vital that companies understand the different ways in which we are using it now. For example, there are far fewer people doing long daily commutes on public transport – in the past this would have often been prime time spent scrolling through social media platforms.

LinkedIn remains the most successful channel for B2B lead generation and sharing content. The quality and production of content has increased dramatically over the past twelve months, as companies use it to introduce new solutions and provide industry updates as an alternative to traditional channels, such as product launches and seminars.

Digital strategies are becoming highly focused, and we have seen an increased demand from clients for an account based marketing approach to target prospects, where the key is personalisation. (Read our previous blog on the benefits of ABM here). In addition, there has also been a significant increase in the adoption of marketing technology tools that integrate with existing CRM solutions, such as data analytics and email marketing software to automate tasks and increase productivity.

Digital marketing is now so much more than a corporate website and we expect those organisations that are embracing digital strategies and seeing tangible results to fully integrate digital marketing solutions into their company’s long term marketing strategy, even when live events and face-to-face business return. But despite this huge increase in digital marketing we mustn’t forget that people will always crave a little bit of human interaction!

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by Jessica Hayward, Marketing Director at CBG

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